Tibet Convention: Activist Richard Gere Slams China, Says ‘non-violence Works’

Launching a veiled attack on China, International Campaign for Tibet Chairman Richard Gere said that irrespective of the time it takes someone to change its path and tread on the path of non-violence, it still works. Speaking at World Parliamentarians’ Convention on Tibet, he emphasised that “non-violence takes time but it works”. Notably, China has reportedly been using violent methods to overhaul control in the Tibetan plateau and has even deployed its military in certain areas.

“Nonviolence works, but it takes a long time. But once it works, it’s finished. It’s complete”, Gere, who is also a prominent actor, said while delivering a powerful message at the 8th World Parliamentarians’ Convention on Tibet.

The eighth edition of the convention was held in the US capital Washington DC from June 22 to June 23 and saw prominent faces speaking on the long-drawn issue of Tibet. According to Tibet Rights Collective, Gere supports Tibetan Independence Movement and is permanently banned from entering China. Notably, the President of the Tibetan government in exile in India, Penpa Tsering, earlier this year said that China should re-evaluate its foreign policy and work toward becoming a better global partner.

Dalai Lama calls for revival of Tibetan culture

The conference also saw Tibetan leader Dalai Lama in attendance who called for a revival of Tibetan culture. He said, “I would like to urge all of you who have gathered for this meeting to consider ways to revive and advance the essence of Tibetan culture, which is about keeping in mind the well-being of others. And it would also be beneficial if you could work to train people in educational institutions about such human values as kindness and honesty”.

Another prominent figure present at the conference was the US House of Representative Speaker Nancy Pelosi who lambasted Beijing for disrespecting “Tibetan autonomy, identify and faith.” “For decades, the Chinese government has waged a dangerous assault on human rights in Tibet, clearly showing that it has no regard for Tibetan autonomy, identity or faith. This forum is crucial, bringing together leaders from all over the world to advance real autonomy for Tibet,” she said asking the world to speak up against China’s incessant rights abuses.

(Image: AP)

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