Senators from France will go to Dharamsala to consult with Central Tibetan Administration representatives

A four-person team will go to Dharamsala for five days next week under the direction of Senator Jacqueline Eustache-Brinio, head of the International Information Group on Tibet, an official friendship group in the French Senate. Eustache-Brinio will be accompanied on this trip by Senators Joseph and Rietmann, both of whom are friends with the Administrator.

The Senate delegation is scheduled to meet with the CTA’s top officials, tour different educational, cultural, religious, and social institutions in Tibet, and interact with Tibetan civil society groups in and around Dharamsala.

Prior to President Emmanuel Macron’s most recent state visit to China, Senator Eustache-Brinio urged him to bring up the Tibetan issue with his Chinese counterpart, including the colonial boarding school, restarting the Sino-Tibetan dialogue, and safeguarding the delicate ecosystem of the Tibetan plateau.

The organization had also submitted legislative inquiries to the French government over the colonial boarding schools in Tibet and the widespread DNA sampling of the Tibetan populace. The group will be accompanied by Jigme Dorji, an active member of the Bureau of Tibet, Paris, local personnel.

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