Chinese government organised “constitutional law and policy” training for monks and nuns

Tibetan Monks and nuns had training sessions on law and policy  in the Dzoge region of eastern Tibet.

The Chinese government organised a “constitutional law and policy” training day on 12 October for Tibetan monks and nuns in the Dzoge region of eastern Tibet, Free Tibet’s research partner Tibet Watch has said. 

The training took place in monasteries with members of the Monastic Management Committee who work for the authorities and do surveillance in the monasteries at the events, according to Tibet Watch.

The main aim of the training was reportedly to teach official policies and laws on religion, national security and stability while increasing the patriotism and obedience of the monks and nuns.

This follows on from organised seminars for monks to learn the Seventh Tibet Work forum in September. These seminars were organised and run by the monasteries’ management committees.

There have been unconfirmed reports of an increase in similar training sessions in monasteries since late August with training also happening in other regions of Tibet, Tibet Watch said.

Free Tibet previously reported that Xi Jinping said that the sinicization of Tibetan Buddhism should intensify and that Buddhism should be adapted to the Chinese socialist system, so that patriotism is prioritised over religion. This was said at the Tibet Work Forum meeting in August.

A campaign was launched following the Tibet Work Forum meeting which called for citizens to study Xi Jinping’s political thought and asked Tibetans and members of the CCP to fight against separatist forces, Tibet Watch said. 

The CCP has put some focus on monks as part of it’s “fight against separatism.”

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