Progress towards “national unity” praised at Tibetan county event

Sangri County near Lhasa held its annual National Unity and Progress Model conference on 25 September.

Sangri County, in the Chinese named Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR), held its 2020 National Unity and Progress Model Commendation Conference on 25 September, Free Tibet’s research partner Tibet Watch said.

Progress on national unity was praised at the county-level event, Tibet Watch said. 

The meeting was held in Sangri County’s auditorium, close to Lhasa, and was overseen by the secretary of the county’s party committee, Kang Aimin.

Over two hundred people were also there including Public Security Bureau Director, Guo Ling and representatives of students, monks and nuns, Tibet Watch said.

Kang Aimin asked the party to continue developing ethnic unity in the county and called for successful cases of progress to become examples which others should follow.

Amin called for the establishment of national unity throughout the county with strengthened leadership. He said national unity policy should be promoted in schools through teaching materials, strengthened ideological and political education and the adoption of patriotism throughout the education process.

At a high level meeting on Tibet in August, Chinese President Xi Jinping said work related to Tibet should focus on safeguarding national unity and strengthening ethnic solidarity. 

Xi said Tibetan Buddhism should be moved towards “socialist society” and developed in the “Chinese context”.

The Chinese government has also organised constitutional policy and law training for monks in the Dzorge region of eastern Tibet since the high-level meeting. Last week, Free Tibet reported that monks and nuns at the religious community of Larung Gar been told to study what was said there,. 

The CCP has been heavily promoting the notion  of “ethnic unity” in the area of Tibet governed as the TAR following the passage of an Ethnic Unity Law earlier this year. The law has been criticised by Tibetans and human rights organisations as part of a process of “sinicising” Tibet. 

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