Political Conspiracy on Dorje Shugden Issue

Dorje Shugden or Dolgyal, the angry and vengeful spirit which was subsequently adopted as a “minor protector” of the Gelug school. In 1975, after long years of study , understanding and even following the practices of Dorje Shugden, his holiness the Dalai Lama, came to the conclusion that propitiating the fierce spirit Dolgyal (Shugden) was against the teaching of Buddha and continuation of this practise was bad for the Dalai’s health and damaging the Tibetan cause by promoting sectarianism.

So, his Holiness discouraged the Tibetan Buddhist from propitiating the fierce spirit, in 1975. But, in early 90’s there was sudden birth of a group know as New Kadampa Tradition(NKT), they started supporting and following Dorje Shugden and condemning the Dalai Lama and even projecting him as a dictator. All of a sudden this became a political issue China saw this as a opportunity to degrade the status of Dalai Lama, they started funding these groups and helped them in organizing protests against Dalai Lama.

But wait! How did a group that came into existence to support Dorje Shugden(the protector of Gelug School) suddenly became anti Dalai Lama in last 23 years? How did they started to protest against the highest spiritual leader of Buddhism? Because Shugden would have protected Dalai Lama no matter what.

How did a religious matter turned into a political issue? The People’s Republic of China, which doesn’t believe in religion suddenly started funding these religious groups even providing financial support and giving lands to those monks who support Shugden, why?

One came come across many people who can reveal the truth behind all this drama. But it would best to know the truth from someone like Lama Tseta, a former head of the Shugden Association of South India, who has been associated with the Shugden group since it came into existence.

He tells “There wasn’t any work with Shugden or Shugden practice itself. However, when they first started the Delhi Shugden group they made contact with China in 1997.They started meeting Chinese Intelligence officers in Nepal. In the meeting the Chinese officials said “you people are greater help to China by staying outside the country” and that they would help with any problem or aid that the Shugden group will need. They also offered to make life of Shugden followers inside Tibet better”

The Chinese supported all the political work that increased danger to the life of Dalai Lama and contributed to the destruction of Tibetan unity.

The truth is simple that the People’s Republic of China wants to destroy Tibet and Tibetan culture & heritage. The only man standing between them and Tibet is His Holiness The Dalai Lama and hence the Chinese government is trying to use religious issues as a weapon to counter him.

Another research on this issue was done by “Reuters”. Reuters investigation revealed that, the China’s ruling Communist Party backs the Buddhist religious sect behind the protests that have confronted the Dalai Lama in almost every country he visits. Reuters found that the sect had become a key instrument in China’s campaign to discredit the Tibetan spiritual leader. Some of these group have disbanded after Chinese backing was exposed by the Reuters.

The Tibetan Government in Exile (TGIE) has also said many a times that China uses Shugden as a political means to split the Tibetan Community. It was reported to them by a Western monk who lived in Sera Je Monastery, India, that monks in the Tibetan Buddhist Gelug monasteries in India strongly believes that the Chinese secret service is sponsoring Shugden pujas in the Gelug monasteries to provoke more schism and quarrel.

Also “The Diplomats” in one of their article mentioned about the researches they did on the websites that writes in supports of Shugden and they found that the language was remarkably familiar to the Chinese state-owned newspapers, like China Daily. 

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