US again accused China over destroying evidence of COVID-19 origin

Washington, US: US Senator Tom Cotton slammed China and accused them for erasing evidences of covid-19 origins.

Witnesses and evidence have probably been killed or at least disappeared. “It’s very unlikely that we’re going to get a definitive answer,” Cotton said in an interview with Fox News.

He further attacked the World Health Organisation’s Director for denying that there was even a pandemic. “Director has been in China’s back pocket from the very beginning, they’re the ones that sent the phony commission to Wuhan earlier this year to investigate it,” he added.

He also lashed out at the US President for not taking necessary steps against Beijing. “What will President Biden do to lower the boom on China, hold them accountable for unleashing this plague on the world. There’s a lot we could be doing that we’re not doing” he added.

He further expressed that the American people have elected Joe Biden and the members of Congress to make decisions for the US but the government has turned these decisions over to a bunch of public health bureaucrats.

Recently, China’s National Health Commission rejected the WHO plan for a second phase of the investigation. Later, the US had expressed disappointment with the decision and termed it “dangerous”.

Earlier this year, a WHO-led team of scientists that travelled to China to investigate the origins of the virus struggled to get a clear picture of what research China was conducting beforehand, faced constraints during its visit, and had little power to conduct thorough and impartial research. 

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