Horse racing festival: 110 Tibetans detained for images on phone

Payul:  Another atrocity on the Tibetans by Chinese have come up in recent week. Around 110 Tibetans are detained for having images of horse race in their devices.

They were detained for sharing online images and videos from the event that show Chinese police, officials, and the highway near the festival site.

During their detention, they were interrogated for the aforementioned online contents, reports Tibet Watch.

According to a local source, 80 of those arrested were released after each paying a fine of 5000 yuan (560GBP approx.) The remaining 30 of them are yet to be released and their current situation remains unknown, reports the news portal.

Horse race festivals are a part of Tibetan culture.

  A source reported, “local Chinese authorities held a meeting with the villagers (Janglam villagers) around 9:30 in the morning. During the meeting, they asked all the villagers to put their mobile phones in a box on the table and later conducted a search operation. It was reported that eleven police officers were present at the meeting and they called out names of 110 people and took them to the police station.” 

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