Students opposing Chinese language in Tibet detained

China is changing the Tibetan language from Chinese as to only medium to study. The project was being opposed by two Tibetan students who are detained by Chinese authorities.

Identified as Gyuldrak and Yangrik, the two 19-year-old students have drawn police attention by speaking on the social media platform against a Chinese policy mandating, beginning in September, that all classes in local schools be taught only in Chinese, Radio Free Asia informed.

Jinping XI’s government is imposing such norms on the autonomous region of Tibet in an attempt to tighten its grip over the region.

Gyuldrak and Yangrik are now being held at the Darlag county police station, RFA’s source said.

Earlier, Chinese authorities have also threatened to shut down a Tibetan school if they fail to provide classroom instruction exclusively in Chinese.

Beijing is also pushing students to go to government schools where they will be taught entirely in the Chinese language.

In another recent development, the Chinese government has also announced a ban on private tutoring in a bid to lighten the burden on children and parents.

But around 68 per cent of the tutoring industry in Shanghai is facilitated in the English language, and this could be a major reason behind Beijing’s move, Radio Free Asia reported.

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