China trying to take control of Uyghur

London, UK: German researcher Adrian Zenz presented a report on second session of the Ughyur Tribunal last week which cites a series of studies on the Chinese measures to take control over the 12 million populations of Uyghurs of China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR).

Zenz’s research is based on close reading of government documents and formed on the foundation of the genocide claims against China by Western governments, which includes the United States, reports Radio Free Asia.

He presented the study to members of the Uyghur Tribunal, a panel of UK-based lawyers, academics, rights experts, and business practitioners investigating alleged human rights violations against Uyghurs in China’s XUAR.

Zenz in his previous works had recorded the existence of the internment camp system and why it was built.

Chinese officials have disparaged Zenz for his research work and called him as ‘anti-China swindler’ and accused him of ‘fabricating Xinjiang-related lies to smear and attack China.’

The Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said in a press conference, “Zenz had hurled the absurd accusations of ‘forced sterilization’ and ‘genocide’ in Xinjiang in his so-called reports without being unable to present any solid evidence,” reports Radio Free Asia.

United States funded exhibition titled “Uyghur Voices: Human Rights Exhibition” was opened on Thursday outside the UN in Geneva, which highlighted human rights violations committed by Beijing against Uyghurs.

The exhibition is focused on the various acts of violence against Uyghurs and also featured ‘Wall of the Disappeared’ which had images of people who went on missing and claimed to be held in those camps. The exhibition will also move to Brussels and Berlin.

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