CCP –root cause of Tibetans Agony

China annexed Tibet in 1950. Although the estimates vary considerably, it is believed that up to one million Tibetan natives have been killed by the Chinese to suppress their demand for freedom. Chinese authorities have killed countless unarmed Tibetan peaceful protestors turning peaceful Tibet into a hell on earth.

Chinese authorities maintain a tight grip on the region, restricting Tibetans’ political activities and peaceful expression of cultural and religious identity, and subjecting Tibetans to persecution, torture, imprisonment, and extrajudicial killings.

Tibetans have been killed, kidnapped, tortured, imprisoned and raped, and many are still unaccounted for. In some instances, Chinese security personnel have pushed victims from the tops of high buildings, their skulls crashed on the hard concrete below and many being forced to commit suicide. In prison, detainees were forced to confess to bogus charges, with their confessions coerced through torture and other inhuman methods. Many have died after being subjected to extreme torture in prison, while many who were released have been permanently damaged both physically and mentally. Hundreds of Tibetans were shot and beaten, female Tibetan political prisoners were stripped and dogs were let loose on them.

Legal safeguards for detained or imprisoned Tibetans are inadequate in both design and implementation in Tibet. However, criminal suspects in the People’s Republic of China have the right to hire a lawyer or other legal representation, but Tibetan defendants do not have access to representation.

The US State Department’s new Human Rights Report also says that China’s repression of free speech, religion, movement, association and assembly in Tibet is more severe than in other areas of the China.” Referring to Tibetan political prisoners, the report says Chinese authorities continued to detain Tibetans arbitrarily for indefinite periods of time.There were reports of recently released prisoners who were permanently disabled or in extremely poor health because of the harsh treatment they endured in prison

Lodoe Gyatso was arrested outside the Potala Palace in January 2018 and has not been seen since. In November 2018 sources reported Lodoe had been sentenced to 18 years in prison, but officials insisted his case was a state secret that could not be discussed. His whereabouts and condition were unknown.

Thubpa, a monk from Ngaba County, Sichuan, was detained in late 2017 and has not been heard from since. He had previously served 18 months in prison for burning a Chinese flag in protest in 2008. No charges have been announced and his whereabouts were unknown.

The whereabouts of the 11th Panchen Lama, Gedhun Choekyi Nyima, the second-most prominent figure after the Dalai Lama in Tibetan Buddhism’s Gelug school, remained unknown. Neither he nor his parents have been seen since PRC authorities disappeared them in 1995, when he was six years old. c. Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman, or Degrading Treatment or punishment.

On May 1, Yeshi Gyatso, 50, died in Rebkong County of Malho TAP, Qinghai, following his release from prison where he was reportedly beaten and tortured. Authorities had arrested him in 2008 for taking part in peaceful protests against PRC policies in Tibet.

Prison conditions were harsh and potentially life threatening due to physical abuse and inadequate sanitary conditions and medical care.

On February 6, 2021, a Tibetan tourist guide Kunchok Jinpa died in a hospital in Lhasa,Tibet Autonomous Region, three months after releasing from prison. He was directly transferred to hospital (immediately after his release) as his health has been totally destroyed by the Chinese guards by beating and torturing him continuously for years.   Kunchok Jinpa was detained on November 8, 2013 on the charges of passing information about local environment and other protests in his region. He was sentenced for 21 years for such a petty thing and his sentence was kept secret as if he was a terrorist. What kind of law is that? It seems that the Chinese law is an excuse to torture Tibetans.

Recently, in September, 2021, a Tibetan monk named Ra Tsering Dhondup, who was arrested in February 2010 for three years (for publishing a magazine -whose content criticized the Chinese communist government), died in Sichuan’s capital Chengdu.. During his sentences he was tortured and beaten by the Chinese guards for criticizing the Chinese Communist Party. He was a patient of liver disease and due the harsh treatment and lack of medical care in prison, his condition worsened. The Chinese officials continued to physically torture him even knowing his health condition.

The Chinese authorities have detained several hundreds of Tibetans in August and September this and released only a few. What a plight!

The detentions and the arrests need to be inspected by the international human rights groups. The motive of the Chinese Communist Party on arresting Tibetans is only to abuse and ill-treat them as well as forcibly convert them into Han Chinese. This is a critical crime that needs to be brought to justice. It is shameful that, the Chinese Communist Party who claims itself as a developed and peaceful country, torture Tibetans as if they are animals. The Chinese Communist Party must remember that the rule of the Chinese Communist Party in Tibet is illegal and it will always remain. How hard the Chinese try, the land of Tibet belongs to Tibetans not to the Chinese Communist Party. And the Tibetan people will always stand against the Chinese Communist Party to stop them from torturing Tibetans in their own land. One day, Beijing government will have to pay for the damages it is causing in Tibet in the name of development.

The atrocities by China on Tibetan people are innumerable. I pray the rays of freedom will shine soon in Tibet and His Holiness the Dalai Lama be able to return back to Potala Palace for the re-union of Tibetans inside and outside Tibet.

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