The Tibetan culture religion and lifestyle at risk under Chinese rule

China is forcing their lifestyle and language on the Tibetan people in order to separate them from their culture. Tibetan religion and lifestyle practices are at risk under the unwanted rule, said Deputy Speaker of the Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile, Dolma Tsering.

Dolma was quoted that Chinese officials claim to have 56 ethnic minorities, but they refuse to give them their customary sacredness.

She added that Beijing’s desire is for everything to be merged into a communist aesthetic.

“If there is any freedom in Tibet, why don’t the Chinese let world media go there and see for themselves. When they shy away from world media that shows that they are hiding something. Why do they have to give all the time white paper on Tibet? This shows that all is not well there, (sic)” Dolma was quoted by ANI as saying.

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