Clashes between Chinese and Nepalis workers

Chinese workers deployed on projects in Nepal have often clashed with local Nepalese. In a
recent case on November 20th. 2021, Chinese deployed at Trishuli-I hydro project,
Aamachodhing VDC I, Rasua district, clashed with local Nepalis of Thullo Hakubesi and Sano
Hakubesi. During the clash, two Chinese workers sustained injuries. Frustrated by rejection
of their demands by Chinese company, the local Nepalese workers tried to stop the work on
the project and snatched keys of vehicles deployed for the project.
The frequent clashes between Nepalese and Chinese workers on various projects have been
attributed to the scant respect the Chinese show to the Nepalese. Clashes have been reported
from various other projects in the past affecting the progress of these projects. Nepalese
have often complained of bullying and aggressive attitude of Chinese working in Nepal.
Earlier, in March 2020, Nepalese working on Nyadi hydropower project based at Thullo
Beshi in Marsyangi rural municipality 6 of Lamjung district had clashed with Chinese
workers. The locals who were agitated over Chinese workers flouting lockdown had clashed
with the Chinese nationals.
Nepalese authorities have often downplayed the clashes between Chinese and Nepalese
workers, fearing retribution from Chinese authorities. The resentment amongst the
Nepalese stems from the apathy of the administration coupled with exploitation at the hands
of the Chinese companies, often leading to clashes between Chinese and Nepalis.

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