Bike rally to boycott Beijing 2022 winter Olympic held in Dharamshala by exiled Tibetans

Dharamshala, India: : Tibetan who are living in Dharamshala have organised a bike rally in order to boycott the Beijing 2022 Olympics game.

A slew of long-distance rallies has taken place over the last few weeks campaigning and calling for the boycott of the Beijing 2022 Olympics over human rights violations in China, according to Phayul.
From touring the Himalayan border states along the Indo-Tibetan borders to cross-country biking from Bangalore to Delhi, several rallies have been held recently.

Earlier, on December 10, Regional Tibetan Youth Congress (RTYC), Delhi kicked off its cross country bike rally from Bangalore to Delhi to boycott the Beijing 2022 Olympics boycott on human rights violation.

Meanwhile, in the press statement, the campaign lists its core aim as to “call upon and appeal to the basic human conscience of all the people and boycott Beijing Olympic 2022 as an expression of solidarity with people in Tibet, Xinjiang, South Mongolia, and Hong Kong who are suffering under Chinese repression and oppression.”

Further, along the Indo-Tibetan border on the world’s highest motorable road, Sonamling Tibetan Settlement Freedom Support Group organised a bike rally from Leh to Kardung La Pass thanking National Basket Ball Association player Enes Kanter Freedom for his support and calling for the boycott of the Beijing 2022 Olympics.

Enes Kanter Freedom has emerged as the new poster boy for the Tibetan Freedom Movement, inspiring many campaigns of varying sizes.

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