Italy: Tibetan community protests against the Chinese atrocities

Milan, Italy:
Claudio Cardelli, President of Italy Tibet Association, and Tzeten Longoni, President of the Tibetan community in Italy led the demonstration that saw the participation of some 50 individuals. They shouted anti-China slogans and highlighted the recent incident of self-immolation by a Tibetan national Norbu in Lhasa.

The protesters condemned the illegal occupation of China over Tibet for the last six decades and raised the issue of the enforced disappearance of Tibetans including Panchen Lama.

They said that Tibetans have the right to accept the next Dalai Lama and they will never accept “Chinese puppets.”

They demanded free Tibet and sought urgent intervention by the United Nations, European Parliament and Italian Parliament.

Luciano Nobili, a Member of Parliament (Italia Viva) and President of the Intra-group Parliamentary Group on Tibet in the Italian Parliament expressed solidarity with Tibetans and opined that Tibetans will get back their rights someday.

March 10 marks a very important day for Tibetan people all over the world. It was on this day in 1959 when the Tibetans revolted against the forcible occupation of their motherland by the Chinese Communist Party.

The Tibetan Uprising in 1959 began as a spontaneous act of peaceful protest demonstrations against the Chinese in the capital Lhasa which later turned violent in which thousands of Tibetans were killed by the marauding soldiers of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

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