China implements Chinese language in education system; teachers given special tranning on teaching in Chinese

Lhasa, Tibet: China is tragetting the education system of Tibet to vanish and brainwash the Tibetan culture. All the books in Tibet are being taught in Chinese language.

Citing sources, Tibet Press reported that all the subjects in school are now being taught in Chinese in Tibet’s capital Lhasa. The purpose behind these changes is to brainwash the students.

The source also revealed that textbooks have now translated into Chinese in Golog (in Chinese, Guoluo) Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of northwestern China’s Qinghai province.

Except for classes on the Tibetan Language itself, all other subjects like Math, Science and the fine arts are all being instructed in Chinese.

Tibet Press citing another source reported that some of these texts had already been converted by the beginning of the last academic year.

But now the focus on teaching in Chinese has increased in all Tibetan schools and the political ideology of Chinese President Xi Xi Jinping is now the main theme for instruction.

Chinese troops occupied Tibet in 1950 and later annexed it. The 1959 Tibetan uprising saw violent clashes between Tibetan residents and Chinese forces.

The 14th Dalai Lama fled to neighbouring India after the failed uprising against Chinese rule. The Dalai Lama, the supreme Tibetan Buddhist leader, established a government-in-exile in India.

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