Farewell to Kapilavastu relics of Lord Buddha by Mongolian Citizens

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia:

Following the Nalanda Buddhist tradition, the holy Buddha relics were brought in a religious procession to the main hall where a special prayer was offered especially by sangha members.

The Indian sangha was led by 20th Bakula Rinpoche who carried the Holy Buddha relic brought from India while the Mongolian sangha was led by Khamba Nomun Han and the Mongolian holy Buddha relic was carried by Manjushree lama.
In the main prayer hall, a ritual was offered by the sangha members.

After performing the special ritual, both the Holy Buddha relics were brought together outside of the monastery where the general public offered their prayers. Khamba Nomun Khan delivered a speech in the Mongolian language and stated that Mongolia has been blessed by the presence of holy Buddha relics from India.
As it was a religious ceremony, no political leader was present.
Coinciding with bringing of Holy Relics outside of the monastery, a chakra surrounded the sun which brought happiness to all present as in Mongolian tradition it is considered a blessed symbol.
Following the Buddhist tradition, the motorcade travelled through the monastery complex. The general public wished that the Holy Relics would visit Mongolia in the near future as they bid a tearful farewell to the holy Buddha relic.
During the exposition of the Holy Buddha relic in Ulaanbaatar, on many occasions, the general public stopped the Indian delegation to thank India for holding the exposition. The public also requested the Indian sangha members to bless them.
The teaching of the 20th Bakula Rinpoche in Peethub monastery was well attended by Mongolian devotees. Many Mongolian Buddhists visited the Peethub Monastery to seek blessings and connect with the lineage.

Many older generation Mongolians who had earlier taken blessings from the late 19th Bakula Rinpoche were emotionally overwhelmed when they received blessings from the present Rinpoche.
Buddhist devotees and the people in the Mongolian capital had given a rousing welcome to an Indian delegation led by Union Minister Rijiju as they arrived here with the Holy Relics of Lord Buddha.
The four Holy Relics – known as the ‘Kapilvastu Relics’ were brought in two special bulletproof caskets on board an Indian Air Force aircraft by an Indian delegation led by Union Minister Rijiju.
The Holy Relics of Lord Buddha which are considered one of the most sacred relics of Buddhism returned to Mongolia after 29 years are considered one of the most sacred relics of Buddhism. They were displayed at the Batsagaan Temple in Gandan Tegchenling Monastery complex in Ulaanbaatar for 11 days.
In 2015, the Holy Relics were placed under the ‘AA’ category of Antiquities and Art Treasures which should not be ordinarily taken out of the country for exhibition, considering their delicate nature.
However, upon the special request of the Mongolian government, the government made an exception and permitted the exposition of the Holy Relics in Mongolia to boost cultural and spiritual relations between the two countries.
The four Kapilavastu relics will reach New Delhi today on a special flight.

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