Tibetan youth demonstrate against China’s National Day in Delhi; demand freedom of Tibet

As China is increasing atrocities against Tibetans, the youth from Lhasa staged a protest in front of the Chinese Embassy in New Delhi on Saturday and raised their voice for the free nation. During the protest, the Tibetan youth can be seen demanding a free nation, and urging the Indian government to intervene in the matter. The protestors came with the Tibetan flag and placards and they raised anti-China slogans, asserting the atrocities by the Communist government need to be stopped. One of the protestors accused the Chinese government of mass collection of DNA and enunciated killings must be halted. The protest comes amid China’s 73rd National Day celebrations.

#WATCH | Tibetan youth protest outside Chinese Embassy, demand Tibet’s freedom

We demand that Tibet be freed & GoI supports us with this demand. China needs to be stopped. Mass collection of DNA, killings must be halted: A protestor pic.twitter.com/18F4j3m7fp — ANI (@ANI) October 1, 2022

“We demand that Tibet be freed and the Government of India supports us with this demand. China needs to be stopped. Mass collection of DNA, killings must be halted,” said one of the protestors. It is to mention that Communist government in China has suppressed Xinjiang, Hong Kong and Tibet through its draconian laws over the years. Despite facing criticism, Beijing continues to suppress minority communities. In Tibet, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) ruling the hilly region since it invaded the country in 1950.

China’s cruelty against Tibetans

The local decision-making power is concentrated in the hands of Chinese party officials. According to human rights activists, the Chinese administration is forcing strict measures on the independent territory of Tibet in an effort to stretch its grip over the region. According to the latest report “Freedom in the World 2021: A Leaderless Struggle for Democracy,” the country has ranked second in the least free region in the world. Irrespective of reports, China claimed Tibetans have been enjoying free movement and have no interference from the Chinese government.

As per Karma Tenzin, a Research Fellow at the Tibet Policy Institute (TPI), the destruction of Tibet started a long ago when Mao Zedong was the President of the country. The researcher noted Zedong started destroying the education system in the name of cultural revolution. Later, the former President completely changed the education system of Tibet and tried to implement a new Chinese educational policy. At that time, China’s main intention was to eliminate the Tibetan language and to impose Chinese Mandarin as the medium of education and instruction for Tibetan students.

Image: @ANI/Twitter

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