The Chinese communist party continues to impose strict Covid-restrictions in Lhasa leading to
severe psychological pressure for the people in Lhasa. Instead of stopping the spread of virus,
it created a major disturbance among the residents causing not only violence between the
civilians and the officials but a huge economic downfall leading to increase in food prices, and
cost of living.
Free Tibet posted on twitter “as the lockdown in Lhasa continues, food prices are soaring.
Locals are receiving no help to tackle the rising cost of living, and those who speak out are
subject to brutal state violence”. In the video shared by Free Tibet, tensions escalate between
the civilians and the Chinese guards wearing white suits. Tibetans were beaten, handcuffed and
assaulted with pepper spray. Their phones were snatched away too. “All they wanted was a fair
price for supplies, as the Covid-lockdown across Tibet has caused prices to skyrocket. They
have committed no crime” posted on Facebook.
Due to the Chinese in-humane covid-restrictions, five Tibetans commit suicide by jumping off
from the building in Tibet’s capital, Lhasa. Such suicides were seen as a form of silent protest
against the intense mental torture they went through under the CCP’s mandated quarantine
rules. Instead of benefitting and countering the virus, worse it has left people hard to even live
and breathe decently. People couldn’t even voice their distress and concern over acute food
shortages, and difficulties they face because the officials instantly shut them down. According
to a statement issued by the pro-Tibet advocacy group International campaign for Tibet,
“China’s mismanagement of covid in Tibet reveals the extreme human costs when authoritarian
police states prioritize censorship and social control over the well-being of the people”.
Radio Free Asia reported, around 200 residents were confined to jail in the wake of massive
demonstrations when the Chinese government imposed severe mandated quarantine rules
leaving the residents to their homes with inadequate food and medical equipment. A huge
protest broke out in Lhasa earlier in the weeks of October, mainly Han Chinese migrant workers
and Tibetans living in the Lhasa causing major tensions between the civilian and the Chinese
officials. Some people even warned to self-immolate if the restrictions were not lifted.
Although many detainees are Chinese migrant workers who came to seek jobs in Lhasa and
there are also a number of Tibetans as well who are from Chengdu region and Tibet, as per
Radio Free Asia. The source said, although most of them are freed, the Tibetan were still kept
in custody saying they will be released by 29th Oct, but as of now no one has heard anything
from them. “One of my friends is among those who were detained, and I have no information
about what conditions are like for them now or even if they have adequate food” sources said.
As per the report, strict lockdown and Covid measures were imposed since august in Lhasa,
residents say it came without any notice leaving people with no preparations. Beijing’s
mismanagement of covid and preventive curbs lead to major chaos all over the city. The
residents were left starved, without any proper treatment, health supplies. In some regions, one
positive covid case leads to imposition of lockdown in the entire building, residential
compound, or even cities in some cases.
In fact, The October protest in Lhasa was the largest demonstration after the 2008 major protest
took place in Lhasa against the Chinese Government.As per Tibet press, China is the centre of the covid outbreak where millions of people passed
away due to the disease within two years. Unlike China, the Covid didn’t spread in Tibet; in
fact there was only one case at the beginning of the pandemic. For over 900 days Tibet
remained untouched by the covid. But now, Tibetans are also facing huge upsurge of covid in
Lhasa and other parts. China’s mismanagement and orthodox handling of the covid were to be
blamed for, said the source.
In Sep, Tibet press released a statement on China’s mismanagement and a foolish measure to
tackle to counter the virus under its so-called Zero-Covid policy has caused a major havoc and
tension in the hearts of people. Locals suffered immensely both economically and
psychologically under their strict mandated quarantine rules and harsh treatments. But, the
government with their constant lies proclaims they have been managing the situation very well.
Most of the countries are recovering and covid cases are lessening but China is still suffering
from the upsurge of covid. Tibetans outside Tibet were showing grave concern over the
situation in Tibet, as Tibetans could not contact their families back in Tibet due to China’s
restrictions. They have no means to enquire about the well being of their families and relatives
back in Tibet. It’s been seventy years since the Chinese communist party conquered Tibet and
thousands of Tibetans escaped to different parts of the countries with their religious leader H.H
The Dalai Lama.
Tibetan Community UK congratulated and requested the newly appointed chair of
Conservative Party, MP Tim Loughton to support for the truth and the cause of human rights,
the MP Tim Loughton, to be appointed as the new chair of conservative party Human Rights
Commission. They posted, “At a time when the Conservative Party has a new leader and Prime
Minister in Rishi Sunak this is an important opportunity for this commission to provide
informed, constructive and where necessary critical advice and recommendations to the
government, and we look forward to working closely with the government to promote and
defend human rights around the world”.
Tibet is in a dire situation right now, not only is it about the zero-covid policy but they are still
deprived of basic human rights. It’s been seventy years since the Chinese Government captured
Tibet and hundreds of thousands of Tibetan escaped to various countries. The situation inside
Tibet hasn’t changed a bit. Every day, new cases of Tibetans being detained and their every
move tracked were found out. They couldn’t even do a thing without informing the
government, like a cage bird in their own country.

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