The struggle of the Tibetans against the human rights of China

Lhasa, Tibet:

The people of Tibet are facing brutality and witnessing the destruction of their culture and continuous atrocities on their people especially in recent times the conditions there have grown from bad to worse, Voice Against Autocracy reported.

The struggle of the Tibetans against the human rights of China has put Beijing on the international radar, decades after its illegal occupation. The local Tibetans are continuing their efforts to take back their motherland from the oppressing regime in Beijing China.

The people of Tibet are being forced to live their life in accordance with the rules of China. Even the innocent monks are not being spared disallowing them to practice their religion and culture of Buddhism. Innocent monks and nuns from around Tibet are monitored and even forced to remove their robes which are a significant part of their culture and religion.

The total count of political prisoners from Tibet has increased significantly and now it even contains monks and nuns from hundreds of monasteries around Tibet based on fabricated charges and tortured beyond imagination. And most of the time it results in trauma, injuries, and even death because of the injuries sustained by these political prisoners from Tibet, reported Voice Against Autocracy.

The communist regime in China is actually threatened by individuals that are vocal against the oppression and atrocities that China is using to oppress the Tibet locals and monks. And during this entire time when these prisoners are detained the whereabouts and condition of these prisoners remain hidden from family members which is a totally different torture for them.

Voices Against Autocracy reported citing a Tibet Watch report, that recently a monk named Geshe Tensin Pelsang who was a political prisoner had died due to the injuries that he had received in detention. He was in prison for six years from 2012 to 2018 on fabricated charges of heading protests in Drago County in Eastern Tibet.

His condition had grown critical from the inhuman treatment at the prison. He was also not given adequate medical care because of the baselessly strict rules put in place by Chinese authorities. Further, Voices Against Autocracy said quoting a local source that when he was released from prison in 2018 he was not able to stand or walk by himself because of the beating that he had received in prison.

Continuous surveillance is kept on monks and special attention and hard response are given to any protest supporting Dalai Lama as he was able to receive exile in India sometime back. Another Radio Free Asia report was cited by Voices Against Autocracy.

According to that report, two monks Rachung Gendun and Sonam Gyatso from Kirti Monastery in Sichuan province are held at the Menyang prison in Sichuan province, which is close to Chengdu. This was because they had sent their offerings to Dalai Lama and their monastery heads that were living in exile in India.

Rachung Gendun was also exposed to a Patriotic Education program by China. Under this program, a campaign is being run throughout the country against Dalai Lama who according to China a traitor for leaving Tibet. Gendun had actually expressed his disagreement on the campaign and was again exposed to torture for that.

The Voice Against Autocracy further reports quoting sources on the condition of anonymity that Rachung Gendun was detained on April 1, 2001from the monastery itself, and Sonam Gyatso was arrested on April 3, 2021, from Chengdu while he was on a holiday. The sources further told that the present condition of Sonam is still unknown.

Leave aside the right of free expression and the right to practice a religion as Buddhism is even taken away from locals and monks. They are being detained and put through inhuman treatment based on fabricated and untrue allegations. And after these so-called allegations, they are detained and their condition is kept secret from their family members torturing them also and these detainees are also stripped of any medical treatment for their injuries. China must be held accountable and answerable for all this inhuman treatment.

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