Environment degrading in Tibet as China overflow its projects in the land

Lhasa, Tibet:  

They demanded that world leaders acknowledge Tibet’s ecological significance and adopt a rights-based strategy that gives frontline communities power.

According to the Tibet press, China imprisons and sentence the Tibetans who defend and protect their environment be it against the constant damming projects – adhering towards it so called Hydro-Hegemony, mining extensively without any recovery time, needless development of grasslands and Greenwashing – which sees large number of Tibetans relocated from the ancestral lands in the name of development and for its realization, Beijing has directed a large sum of governmental finances (taxpayers money) which instead could have been utilized consciously in preserving the environment.

The Tibet delegation pointed out that the Chinese government is responsible for the worsening climate situation in the region which is already affected by global warming

This is further accelerated by the policies implemented in Tibet by Beijing that pushes for development but neglects sustainability.

Tibetan environmentalists have been sentenced without any legal justification by China. Environmental activists Nya Sengdra and Karma Samdrup are in prison to preserve and protect Tibet’s fragile and unique ecology and also that both have been sent to prison without formal legal procedures.

In 2010 Human Rights Watch submitted a report to the Chinese government requesting to rescind the accusations against the philanthropist and environmentalist Karma Samdrup and his brothers. It states “these people embody the characteristics the government says it wants in modern Tibetans – economically successful, lending support to only approved cultural and environmental pursuits, and apolitical – yet they, too, are being treated as criminals.” This illustrates what the Chinese think of Tibetans who are not only apolitical but are trying to bring upward mobility to not only Tibetans but also the Chinese residing in Tibet especially in terms of the quality of life which is intertwined with the state of the environment.

Lobsang Yangsto , the programme and environment coordinator at the International Tibet Network (ITN) along with 4 other Tibetan women at the CoP27, highlighted the desecration and destruction of Tibet’s fragile and vital ecosystem under the illegal Chinese occupation.

The report highlighted that Tibetans who are under this very brutal regime will continue to fight not only the illegal occupation of Tibet but also continue to preserve and protect its environment which impacts more than a quarter of world population directly.

The all-women Tibetan representative in Cop 27 called for the world to take attention to Tibet as unique ecological zone whose sensitivities have further and server ramifications to not only Asia by the whole world environmentally.

They also questioned why Tibetans are not included in the global climate debate when they Tibet has a major stake in it.

Tibetans cannot ignore the dire health of the Tibet’s degrading environment and the political authorities must work together with the scientist, researchers, environmentalists and activist in protecting the 3rd pole. They should not discriminate and sentence Tibetans who raise these issues and only then will the world be able save the 3rd pole and Tibet, it added

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