Chinese propaganda video members of the exiled Tibetan parliament call

Members of the Tibetan parliament in exile observed, “Anyone who has followed His Holiness closely knows about his personality and his playful nature.”

The Dalai Lama’s viral video issue was addressed by members of the Tibetan parliament-in-exile on Thursday, who said it was “Chinese communist propaganda”. When the Dalai Lama was seen kissing a kid and instructing him to “suck his tongue,” he drew criticism from leaders and commentators all around the globe. After being seen on camera planting a kiss on a youngster’s lips and uncomfortably bending in his direction when the boy approached him to pay homage, a Tibetan spiritual leader came under fire as a “paedophile” and received widespread criticism.

We need to comprehend the context in which this event occurred, said Dorjee Tseten, a member of the Tibetan parliament-in-exile, in response to the video on April 12. It was a live broadcast of a public event, after all. Unfortunately, a cleverly manipulated film was exploited by the media and a select few social media celebrities, which has now raised public anxiety. “Anyone who has closely followed His Holiness knows about his personality and his playful nature,” Tseten concluded. However, a public statement from His Holiness’ private office only serves to highlight His majesty. Therefore, I believe that His Holiness’ commitment to the cause of compassion and love for all people says volumes about who he is as a person.

Negative campaign undertaken by the communist government in China
According to ANI, members of the Tibetan parliament highlighted that the film is widely promoted as Chinese propaganda. He said, “We must be aware of the negative campaign being put out by interest groups, including the Chinese communist dictatorship, on this incident, while still acknowledging the sincere concerns that the people may have. It is “a very disturbing time for Tibetans across the world,” said Namgyal Dolkar, another member of the Tibetan parliament-in-exile.

Speaking largely as a Tibetan who now lives in the free world, she said, “I’ve seen how social media and hyped media work can lead to huge misunderstanding, especially when there are people who are unable to understand the Tibetan socio customs.” Dolkar remarked, “As a Tibetan woman, I find it very problematic and disturbing that the Tibetan way of life and our interpretation of gender and sexuality have been viewed through the lens of various other narratives.”

Namgyal Dolkar provided additional context for the controversy in an interview with ANI, saying: “I think it is important that we look into this issue solely as His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama is an internationally renowned leader and well respected by the international community across the world, and his image has always been that of a man of peace and compassion so people to assume that such a low word and use it in a political manner.” His Holiness “was at that time in front of cameras and people,” Dolkar said. Even if this interpretation was provided by a number of phony news outlets or web sites, we must comprehend how it is even conceivable that someone would act in such a public manner.

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