Representative Dr. Arya calls on the G7 leaders to condemn China for its violations in Tibet in a statement.

A news conference was held today in the Lower House of the Japanese Parliament by the representatives of Tibet, the Uyghur, Southern Mongolia, and Hong Kong in anticipation of the G7 leaders’ summit, which is expected to take place in Hiroshima City next month.

The goal of the press conference, according to the moderator Fumie Furukawa, was to call the G7 leaders’ attention to the worsening situation of human rights abuses and escalating persecution in Tibet, Southern Mongolia, Hong Kong, and Uyghur.

The news conference was attended by lawmakers Ishikawa Akimasa, general secretary of the Japanese Parliamentary Group for Tibet, and Mitsubayashi Hiromi, general secretary of the Japanese Parliamentary Caucus to Monitor Chinese Human Rights Violations (Chugoku Jinken Kyumei).

Hiromi Mitsubayashi discussed the importance of protecting human rights and the rule of law while also discussing the recent conference of foreign ministers in Nagano and their talks on these topics.

Ishikawa Akimasa reaffirmed Japan’s dedication to upholding international laws and voiced support for the rights of Tibet, Uyghurs, Southern Mongolians, and Hong Kong. He emphasized China’s detention of Japanese nationals on spurious espionage allegations.

Representative Dr. Arya Tsewang Gyalpo of the Liaison Office of His Holiness the Dalai Lama briefed the media on the difficult and oppressive situation in Tibet as well as how China is attempting to obliterate the culture, religion, and identity of the occupied nations of Tibet, Uygyur, and Southern Mongolia under Xi Jinping’s slogans of “National Rejuvenation” and “One China Policy.” He encouraged the G7 leaders to strongly denounce China for continuing to violate human rights and the freedom of religion in the occupied territories.

The dreadful circumstances in their various homes under the CCP regimes were discussed by Uda Kerim of the Japan Uyghur Association, Olhunnud Daichin of the Southern Mongolia Congress, Olanchimge of the World Mongolia People, and Sam Yip of the Japan Hong Kong Democracy Alliance. They asked that greater coverage be given by the media to the awful atrocity the CCP is perpetrating on mankind. The reps responded to the media’s inquiries.

To stop China from breaching human rights, repressing religious and linguistic freedoms, and enforcing the Magnitsky Act, a united appeal statement was produced and sent to Mitsubayashi with the request that he convey it to the G7 leaders. It was then given out to media personnel.

Super Sangha’s Rev. Kobayashi Shuei and Rev. Wakaomi Takashi attended the news conference to express their support. The president of the Tibetan Community Japan (TCJ), Tenzin Sherab, and Sonam Dolkar of the TCJ, as well as Tselha of the Office of Tibet, Japan, took part in the conference and assisted in distributing the book “Tibet Needs Your Help,” a recent release from the Tibet House Japan.

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