More bright Chinese are given more incentives to work in Tibet by China

According to China’s official, the local Chinese administration of Tibet Autonomous Region recently hosted a policy promotion activity in Beijing to reveal the region’s most current strategy for hiring talent from mainland China. Following the first one on April 4, which was covered by on April 5, this roadshow was conducted on April 5.

The most recent roadshow’s declared goal was to provide 157 high-caliber Chinese workers with employment. The main areas of attention will be education, high-tech digital technology, agriculture, animal husbandry, geology, medical, and plateau ecology.

According to the study, the need for new high-level talent was divided into four categories under the plan: top domestic and foreign talent, national level leading talents, local leading talents, and other high-level talent.

After being accepted, the chosen employees will get subsidies ranging from 200,000 yuan ($29,000) to 2 million yuan, with those who are relocated and hired to work in Tibet receiving pay treatment consistent with regional norms.

High-level, full-time talent will also be given access to a transition room or an apartment that is more than 70 square meters in size.

The article also said that wives and kids may transfer their household registration with the worker and that their kids can sit for college entrance tests as well as junior and senior middle school entrance examinations in Tibet.

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