Three Tibetan publications for children have been revised by the DoE.

The three Tibetan children’s novels were evaluated by the Central Tibetan Administration’s Department of Education (DoE) on April 20, 2023 at the department’s auditorium.

Deputy Secretary Gedun Dhonyoe, head of the Education Council’s Textbook Section (DoE), Ngawang Tenzin, editor at Education Council (DoE), Buddha Kyab, president of Manjushri Educational Service, Nyima Tso, staff member at the Norbulingka Institute, Sonam Gyal, staff member at the Tibetan Translation and Research Institutions, and translator of the children’s book Tsering Palzom met on Thursday for the final evaluation. They edited a freshly written children’s story in Tibetan and two children’s book translations into Tibetan. The team will go on to publish seven additional children’s books as part of the same initiative. Through The Tibet Fund, USAID provided funding for the undertaking.

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