Tibet Shannan participated in the 2023 Huaibei Food Industry Expo and signed 6 projects

 Recently, the eighth batch of aid-to-Tibet task force in Anhui Province led relevant departments of Shannan City to participate in the 2023 Huaibei Food Industry Expo in the form of “sales exhibition + investment promotion”. At the same time, Shannan City and Huaibei City Federation of Industry and Commerce signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement, and signed 6 projects including modern agriculture, food processing, and equipment manufacturing on the spot, with a total investment of nearly 300 million yuan.

More than 100 products in ten categories, including Shannan yak meat, highland barley series, and honey, were displayed on site, allowing Anhui consumers to experience “Tibet on the tip of their tongues”.

Shan Qiang, deputy secretary of the Shannan Municipal Party Committee, executive deputy mayor, and leader of the eighth batch of Anhui Province Aid to Tibet Task Force, introduced that Shannan City will take advantage of Huaibei’s location advantages and the platform positioning of the Expo to focus on displaying Shannan’s development achievements in quality building and brand building , promote plateau specialty products to go out of Tibet through Anhui’s counterpart aid-Tibet bridge link, promote “collection into Anhui”, connect Anhui-Tibet high-quality agricultural product consumer markets, and help Shannan’s high-quality economic development. During the expo, Shannan Investment Promotion Conference was successfully held. Relevant departments adopted methods such as project promotion, negotiation and contract signing, collection exhibition and sales, etc., to deeply publicize Shannan’s location advantages, resource endowment, characteristic industries, and preferential policies for investment promotion, etc., and fully demonstrated the achievements of Shannan’s economic and social development in the new era over the past ten years.

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