This year, Tibet will strive to attract more than 500 billion yuan of investment

 Investment attraction is the source of project construction, and the business environment is the soil for the survival and development of enterprises. Since the beginning of this year, various departments at all levels in Tibet have taken the initiative to hold industry promotion conferences and actively organized groups to participate in promotion activities outside the region. At the beginning of April, the region’s business environment optimization and investment promotion work meeting was held.

The meeting made it clear that it will do its best to optimize the business environment and bin upgraded the “com boxing” to ensure that enterprises are attracted, retained, and developed well. The reporter learned from the Investment Promotion Bureau of the Development and Reform Commission of the Autonomous Region (the Investment Promotion Center of the Autonomous Region) that this year Tibet will strive to attract more than 50 billion yuan in investment funds.

Multi-faceted efforts to attract investment and improve quality

“Our company has obtained the real estate title certificate with the help of various departments of the Investment Promotion Bureau of the Autonomous Region, and has also completed a series of preliminary work. The project procedures have been completed. In 2022, we have successfully entered the construction stage, and strive to complete the production line before June 30 this year.

The project construction has reached the conditions for trial production of materials.” said Yang Shunyou, general manager of Tibet Poly Jiulian Civil Explosive Equipment Development Co., Ltd.The company was signed at the 2018 China Lhasa Shoton Festival Investment Promotion Project Promotion Conference. It was established in 2019 and implemented construction.

It is a company that operates civilian explosives production and research projects. for Tibet’s transportation, water conservation, infrastructure construction, and mineral development and utilization, especially the construction of the Sichuan-Tibet Railway. In the next step, according to the work deployment of Poly Group, we will further increase investment in Tibet and provide More jobs.” Yang Shunyou said.

The relevant person in charge of the Investment Promotion Bureau of the Autonomous Region said: “In 2022, we will focus on promoting the high-quality development of investment promotion in the region through precise investment promotion, industrial chain investment promotion, and business promotion.

A total of 899 investment promotion projects will be implemented in the region. The capital in place is 50.447 billion yuan, the completion progress is 100.89%, the investment in fixed assets is 29.146 billion yuan, 27,967 people are employed in the area, and the labor service income is 589 million yuan.”

Determining New Targets and Enhancing Investment Attraction

In February of this year, the Tibet Cultural Tourism Investment Promotion Conference was held in Guangzhou. A total of 11 cultural tourism projects were signed with a total investment of 6.843 billion yuan; on April 8, 2023 Tibet (Linzhi) – Guangdong (Shenzhen) investment promotion and economic the fair was held in Shenzhen, and a total of 23 projects were signed, with a total contracted capital of 3.234 billion yuan.

Recently, at the third consumer expo held in Haikou, Tibet also held a modern service industry investment promotion conference, and 5 projects were signed on site, covering logistics, warehousing, e-commerce, etc.

In order to efficiently accomplish this year’s plans and goals, since the beginning of this year, various departments at all levels in Tibet have gone out of the region to Beijing, Shandong, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Hunan, Guangdong and other places to carry out investment promotion, promotion and negotiation work, and promote Tibet to investors Abundant tourism resources, high-quality characteristic industries, preferential investment policies, and broad prospects for investment and cooperation have sent a warm “invitation” to the world, setting off an upsurge of attracting investment in Tibet.

“Since the beginning of this year, Tibet has always regarded attracting investment as the top priority of economic work. It only sets a bottom line and no upper limit in terms of goals. In terms of requirements, it recruits big and strong, competes to improve quality, and highlights project investment, Industry investment, park investment, and Tibet-aid investment.”

The person in charge said that he hoped that through various measures, industries suitable for Tibet will be recruited, and government investment and policy incentives will effectively drive investment in the whole society. For strategic emerging industries, we will hold special investment promotion activities, and strive to sign a batch of 1 billion-level major projects. This year, we will strive to complete more than 50 billion yuan of funds in place for investment promotion.

Introduce new measures to continuously optimize investment services

In order to further intensify efforts to attract investment and promote new breakthroughs in attracting investment in the region, on April 6, Tibet issued the “Key Points for Optimizing the Business Environment of the Tibet Autonomous Region in 2023” and the “Action Plan for Optimizing the Business Environment of the Tibet Autonomous Region in 2023” “.

The reporter learned that the “Key Points for Optimizing the Business Environment in the Tibet Autonomous Region in 2023” includes 12 items including the implementation of the “No. 1 Project”, the implementation of the four best practices, the optimization of government services, the protection of land for development, the alleviation of labor shortages, and the reduction of operating costs. For enterprises, good government services are also an important factor in promoting the signing and implementation of investment promotion projects.

According to the person in charge, in order to make it more convenient and faster for enterprises to handle affairs, this year Tibet will accelerate the integration of “one thing for starting a business” and comprehensively implement “one thing at a time” “one-stop service” and “one-window comprehensive management” for business-related matters. to set up a model for the Lhasa government service hall in the whole district. At the same time, promote the government service matters of the government service center in the whole region, and implement the joint review and approval system for key projects.

The “Tibet Autonomous Region’s Action Plan for Optimizing the Business Environment in 2023” pointed out that the goal of optimizing the business environment in 2023 is to achieve new progress in implementing “the fewest approval items, the shortest approval time limit, the best approval process, and the best approval service”.

The environment, factor environment, market environment, innovation environment, and rule of law environment have continued to improve; the obstacles and difficulties in expanding opening up and attracting investment have been further eased, the entrepreneurial vitality of the whole society has continued to increase, and the confidence of entrepreneurs and investors has been strongly boosted. The person in charge said: “We will send a warm ‘invitation’ to the world with a more open humanistic environment, a better legal environment, a more relaxed investment environment, a more favorable policy environment, and a more stable social environment. The whole cycle and the whole process escort the business development of the enterprise.”

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