Under a Tibet hotel bed, a visitor discovers a body.

An arrest has been made in connection with a murder inquiry after the terrifying experience of a Chinese man at a Tibetan guesthouse, where a body was discovered beneath his bed.

On April 21, the guy entered his hotel in Lhasa and detected a “strong” stench.

A corpse was found beneath the bed he had been sleeping on for three hours after he was relocated to a new room.

Police informed him later that night that they had detained someone in connection with the crime.

The individual, who was only known as Mr. Zhang in the local media, eventually revealed to Shangyou News that he had departed Lhasa the next day.

The Guzang Shuhua Inn, where Mr. Zhang stayed, is a so-called influencer hotel, well-known on social media as a great location for pictures. It has soft lighting and wooden balconies.

Mr. Zhang left an online evaluation of his stay, but it received little attention until a different user published a screenshot of it on social media on April 28. In response to this post, the hotel completely denied the occurrence.

Then Mr. Zhang posted about his experience on Weibo and included a receipt as proof of his lodging. Local media took notice of this and quickly approached him for an interview.

In an interview with Shangyou News on April 30, he said, “I am quite terrified and I’m still having trouble falling asleep.

He said that after entering the room, he napped for many hours—even dozing off on the bed—before leaving at around 15:30 local time.

A few hours later, he came back to get ready for supper. The fragrance was there again, but this time he thought it may be coming from the bakery below or the heating system in the room. He questioned if the issue was with his feet. He begged to be relocated to a different room when he returned after supper due to the foul stench.

Hotel employees arrived to Mr. Zhang’s door late at night and instructed him to go downstairs to the room he had abandoned.

There, police were ready to take his statement and a DNA sample. He claims they assured him not to worry since someone had already been taken into custody as part of their inquiry.

Although they could not provide any other information about the case, the police did release a video of the suspect being apprehended on a train bound for Lanzhou city, which is in a different province.

Mr. Zhang said that despite his reluctance, the hotel’s denial and online claims that he had made the event up drove him to share his story.

Since then, hundreds of comments and tens of thousands of replies have been made in response to his articles detailing what transpired.

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