Chinese Traveler Discovers Dead Body In Tibet Hotel: Report

The corpse was discovered by the police after a report of a “strange smell” in Tibet’s hotel room was received. This discovery prompted a murder inquiry and the arrest of a suspect, according to Shanghai Daily.
On April 21, a member on a Chinese social networking site reported smelling something “strong” as he checked into his hotel in Lhasa.

Notably, the Chinese visitor and his companions came in Lhasa on April 20 for a visit. The traveler later reported that he left the hotel to go out for supper on April 21 and returned to his room about 10:30 p.m. He alerted the inn personnel to the heavier stench and asked to be moved to the fourth level after noticing it.

According to Shanghai Daily, the police came in the early hours of April 22 and escorted the tourist to the police station for a statement. There, he was told that the murder had occurred in his prior room and that a corpse had been discovered beneath the bed.

Before letting the traveler go, the authorities gathered DNA samples from him.

According to a statement made by the Lanzhou Railway, the criminal investigation division of the Lhasa public security bureau submitted a report to the command center of the police support team of the Lanzhou railway public security bureau on April 22 at about 4:50 am.

According to the article, Wang’s corpse was discovered in an inn in Lhasa on April 21. Evidently, a suspect ran off in the direction of Lanzhou.

On the K306 train, the suspect was discovered. Due to the alleged crime’s severe nature, the Lanzhou and Xi’an police departments collaborated to send five more officers to help apprehend the suspect. The cops apprehended the culprit after thorough preparation and execution of the arrest operation.

The suspect was discovered with the victim’s ID card, phone, and bank cards, according to Shanghai Daily.

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