DC provides jackets to BRO employees close to the Indo-Tibet border.

DC Tawang On Saturday, Kesang Ngurup Damo gave jackets to BRO employees operating in Nelya and other locations close to the Indo-Tibet border.

The campaign was a continuation of the free jacket distribution initiative that Gurgaon-based NGO “The Hans Foundation” and Arunodaya Welfare Society had previously supported.

The DC thanked the employees for their contributions to the country’s progress while talking with them. He counseled them to approach their tasks with honesty and sincerity.

Later, the DC went to the advanced locations and spoke with the Indian army’s jawans there.

The DC stopped by Lumpo village on his way back and spoke with the locals and GB Nawang Chotta. The Jemeithang CO Deewan Mara, the commanding officer of the army unit at Lumpo, the commanding officer of the GREF headquartered in Jemithang, as well as other army commanders, accompanied the DC. (DIPRO)

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