“China is our best publicity agent,” says Tibet, urging Beijing to take a harder position.

The exiled political leader of Tibet claims it is unjust for Australia to hold countries like Iran and Russia accountable for violating human rights while absolving China since it is Australia’s largest commercial partner.

Penpa Tsering urged Prime Minister Anthony Albanese to bring up human rights with Chinese President Xi Jinping if he visits Beijing later this year and to impose sanctions on Chinese officials for the mistreatment of ethnic minorities in Tibet and Xinjiang during his first visit to Australia since being chosen to lead the Tibetan government-in-exile in 2021. Tsering compared the forcible separation of Tibetan children from their families to Australia’s treatment of Indigenous children during the stolen generations period and accused Chinese President Xi Jinping of wanting to eradicate ethnic and religious minorities in his country.

Tsering will speak at the National Press Club in Canberra on Wednesday, overcoming attempts by Chinese authorities in Australia to get the event canceled on the grounds that it would jeopardize China’s “core interests”.

Tsering noted in an interview, “I constantly praise the Chinese government for being our finest publicity agent. “Even if we hired someone, even if we had the money to hire somebody, they would not be able to do the kind of job that the Chinese government is doing for us.”

Tsering urged Australia to follow a uniform criterion when sanctioning other countries for violating human rights.

In the last year, the Albanian government has placed Magnitsky penalties on officials from Myanmar, Iran, and Russia, but has defied requests from human rights organizations to do the same for China.

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