Police are looking into a case where a foreigner was seen in Tibet destroying holy Mani stones.

The foreigner who was shown in an internet video deliberately kicking down multiple stacks of Mani stones, which are regarded as holy and symbolize the beliefs of the Tibetan people, has been found, according to police in west China’s Tibet Autonomous Region, and they are investigating the incident.

On Friday, a travel blogger shared a video of a guy apparently intending to knock down Mani stones while it was being recorded. The Mount Qomolangma, or Everest, Base Camp, is located in Tingri County, Shigatse, and is where the film was shot.

Shigatse police stated they have located the individual and are looking into the situation.

Mani stones have unique engravings, mantras, and slogans. Tibetan devotees worship and study the six-lettered texts etched on the stones.

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