Tibet will be discussed in the 2023 conferences of the UK political parties

The Office of Tibet, London and Tibet House Trust with the support of British Tibetans residing in Manchester and Liverpool, including UK V-TAG members in the region, will urge action from the UK Government and public at the Annual Conferences of the two major UK political parties, by highlighting the history of UK Government’s peace-building role in the Tibet-China conflict during the 18th to 20th century and the global catastrophic effects due to climate change on the Tibetan Plateau, where global warming is occurring at twice the rate of that in the northern hemisphere.

Tibet Talk at the Conservative Party Conference

Manchester, 4 October 2023, 10:30 – 12:00

Building on the success at last year’s Conference, another talk by a trio of distinguished experts will be held this year too, to be moderated by Secretary Lochoe Samten from the Office of Tibet in London.

Professor Dibyesh Anand, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Head of the School of Social Sciences at London’s University of Westminister, and author of several research publication related to Tibet including Geopolitical Exotica: Tibet in Western Imagination, will spotlight British–Tibet bilateral relations.

Dr Martin Mills, Senior Lecturer in Anthropology at University of Aberdeen and Director of the Scottish Centre for Himalayan Research (SCHR), will cover the environmental challenges at the heart of the SCHR’s 2021 parliamentary report, Climate Change on the Third Pole: Causes, Processes and Consequences.

Representative Sonam Frasi from the Office of Tibet in London, will talk on the current situation in Tibet, including the Middle Way Approach as a viable solution to the Tibet–China conflict.

Manchester resident Tibetans will be distributing information leaflets and engaging with attendees.

Exhibition Stand at Labour Party Conference

Liverpool, 8-11 October 2023

To mobilise international pressure for change, Tibet Stand no. 223 will spotlight the ecological devastation now happening in Tibet, which if unaddressed will tragically impact on billions in Asia and beyond. 

Representative Sonam and Secretary Lochoe of the Office of the Tibet along with local British Tibetans will engage with Labour Conference attendees by providing information on the climate crisis in Tibet, British-Tibet bilateral relations, human rights situation in Tibet and answering questions on its interrelated causes and possible solutions.

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