China is attempting to use boarding schools to separate Tibetan students from their culture.

Indore, Jan 30 (PTI) A member of Tibet’s Parliament in exile on Tuesday claimed that China was trying to alienate Tibetans from their native culture through “colonially-run” boarding schools.
A two-member delegation from Tibet’s Parliament in exile visited here as part of a campaign to increase interaction with the Indian people and took part in programs organized with the help of the India-Tibet Cooperation Forum.
“In Tibet, children above three years of age are being forcibly sent to colonially-run boarding schools by China, so that they could be taken away from their original culture, language and traditions, and Chinese culture could be imposed on them,” said Tenzin Choezin, a member of the delegation, during a media interaction at the Press Club here.
“China gets nervous even if someone congratulates the Dalai Lama on his birthday. China always behaves like a child who feels insecure,” she added.

She also supported the appeal, made in some quarters in India, for boycott of cheap Chinese products.

China creates tensions on the borders of India and other countries by misusing the money earned through these exports, Choezin alleged.

Geshe Ngaba Gangri, another member of the `Parliament in exile’, was also part of the delegation.

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